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Myland-friends,gems,daily deals all coming soon??

I have had my striiv for over 6 months but the friends, gems, daily deals all say coming soon. When is this going to be available?

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Alas, the feature set in the Android app has lagged the IOS version from the outset.  I see the differences clearly because my Mother has an iPhone, while my gf and I both have Android.

The things you mention would be nice (and they all work in the IOS version) ... but as a start, I'd much prefer enabling the two missing islands.  In the IOS version, for 10,000 gems each, you can open up two entirely separate islands to build upon, in addition to the original.

In the Android version, you can open up the Highlands (which I've done), and the Lowlands (which I have not, as of yet) ... but then you're pretty much done.  Once you fill those up, the only thing you can really do is dig everything up and start over.

Also, how is energy points calculated? Do you get more energy points for more steps, reaching your goal, having a higher goal. I average 10 thousand steps how many energy points do I get? My husband 6-8 thousand, what does he get?
To the best of my knowledge (from watching MyLand closely as I've been walking) you get one energy point per step taken ... period.

You don't get more or less for walking on stairs or inclines, you don't get more for walking faster or running, nor do you get less for walking at a leisurely pace.  Also, unlike the previous app or the original standalone pedometer, there are no challenges, bonuses, rewards, etc. that can gain you additional energy.  You can only gain energy by walking, and it is gained at the ratio of one energy point per step.

If anybody has discovered anything different (ie. how to maximize energy points gained now that there are no longer challenges, bonuses, rewards, etc. of any kind) please share.


I agree that it seems to be one point per step, but only up to a certain number.  It might be my goal (seems that would make it easy to manipulate) or some other point (probably 10k steps).  After this point it seems I might get 4 times the energy for every step.

Any news on when the Android app will be updated.....

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Yes, I also would like to here if they ever plan on updating Myland. You click and you get the coming soon.
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