The Striiv Band uses our unique step tracking algorithm to keep track of every step you take. Set your daily goals in the Striiv smart phone app and wear the Band on your wrist to monitor your progress throughout the day.

Tap the screen twice to see the LED lights animate. There are 7 light bars (6 white, 1 color) and each represents a percentage of your step goal completed. So at the beginning of the day, only one white light bar will light up. Once you have reached your goal, all the lights will light up, as well as the colored light.

Your Band will sync regularly with your app throughout the day, but if you want to trigger a manual sync, simply open the app and double tap the Band. The Band tile on the Striiv app home screen has a timestamp from the last time your Band synced with the app.

Sleep tracking mode must be turned on from the app. Open the Striiv app, and double tap your Band. You will see the blue bar at the top of the screen change to show a moon and a toggle button. Tap on that toggle button and you will see a counter start. Your Band will also light up in a special sleep mode animation. When you wake up, repeat those steps to take your Band out of sleep mode. Check the quality of your sleep by tapping on the sleep tile from the app home screen. For more information on how to read the daily sleep charts, reference the following link: