Congrats on your shiny new wearable fitness tracker! Here is all you need to know (and more) about setting it up so you can start walking!

Not interested in reading all of this? Here is the cliff notes version:

1. Plug the Band into it's charging cradle and plug the cradle into a usb wall outlet adapter or computer usb port.

2. While Band is charging, log into the Striiv Activity App on your phone and follow the prompts to ‘pair device’.

Need more detail? Read on!

1. Charge the Band

First things first, let’s get some juice into that battery! If you have fully unpacked the box, you should have three things: a Band, a charging cradle, and a USB cord. (If you haven’t unpacked the box yet, lucky you! It’s like discovering a present you had overlooked).

Acquaint yourself with the charging cradle. It has a bottom side, with a reset button clearly marked; one side has the micro USB port that your cord plugs into; the other side has a spring loaded latch. Pulling it to the left will open the cradle. Pushing it all the way to the right firmly closes it.

The inside of the cradle has five gold prongs on one end. These prongs match up exactly with the gold dots on the underside of your Band (Is this the first time you noticed those dots? That’s ok. You aren’t the only one who was so excited to put the Band on your wrist you hadn’t paused to turn it over!).

The cradle also has small white guide lines- this is to help you seat the Band properly in the cradle. Line up the end of the screen with the white lines (make sure you have the gold dots on the same side as the gold prongs!). Now you can close the cradle completely- we made sure to give it a loud ‘click’ so you could have the satisfaction of closing the cradle every time.

Plug the Band/cradle/cord into a USB outlet. Any outlet will do (as long as that outlet is plugged into a power source, that is).

  •  A wall charger or desktop computer will fully charge your Band in 90 minutes
  •  A laptop should also charge it in 90 minutes, but some laptops stop charging if their screen is asleep

Now, since we are living in the time of instant gratification, we have programmed the Band to instantly show you (with its light bars) that it is charging. When the Band is fully charged, it will show you by lighting up all the light bars including the last green colored bar. Enjoy the light show!

2. Log into Striiv App

If you haven't already, download and install the Striiv Activity Tracker to your smartphone or tablet. Any Android or iOS device running at least Android 4.3 or iOS 7.1 (iPhone 4 excluded) respectively should allow you to get the app. You can search for it in the app or google play store, or you can follow these links:

If you are a new user, go ahead and create a new account by selecting the "Sign up for New Users" option on the app log-in screen. 

3. Pair the Band

New users, after you create your account, you will automatically be prompted to pair a device. If you are a current Striiv Activity Tracker user, go to the slide out menu (shown as 3 horizontal bars on the upper left) and tap on ‘pair device’. Reminder- you are pairing the Striiv Band :)

The pairing flow will walk you through charging the Band (lucky you, you already did that!). When you get to the screen to connect your Band, it is very important that your Band is still plugged in, and as close to your smartphone as possible.

If the Band doesn’t pair automatically, here are some things you can try:

  • tap the Band screen regularly
  • turn your phone’s airplane mode off and on
  • force quit the app and relaunch it
  • reset the band (use a paperclip to press the button on the cradle with the Band inside and the cradle plugged in)

If you ran into some problems with any of the pairing steps, please try some of the troubleshoots listed above, or check out our FAQs.

Happy tracking!