Before reading on, check out our helpful guide to set up your Band! Still having trouble? Read on!


Download the Striiv Activity Tracker app onto your phone/tablet from the Google Play or App store.


You will need to plug your Band in to charge before you can attempt to pair it to your phone. Leave it plugged in and charging while you attempt to connect.

With the Striiv Activity Tracker app open, select the menu (top left of the screen, appears as ). Then select (pair) device > choose Band > progress through the pairing flow by pressing the next button.


If you run into issues during the pairing process, here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

  1. Force quit/close the app - Android: within the phone/tablet settings, select Apps or App Manager > Striiv > tap the force close option. iOS: double-press the home button at the bottom of the phone/tablet screen, then scroll through apps shown and swipe up on the Striiv app to force quit. 
  2. Restart the phone/tablet - typically done by pressing and holding down the power button, then selecting/swiping to power off. Press and hold on the power button once more to power back on. 

Out of ideas? Email us at and let us know where the pairing process is failing.